GVLogc is the representative of CAPrint Ltd. in Spain and Portugal. From GVLogic we offer commercial and technical support for all applications.

CAPprint is the leader in technology and in the market for the high-speed printing of single piece components in many industries. CAPrint acts worldwide and is 100% Swiss.

The latest generation digital print system CP1.0 is the standard for printing in production lines or elsewhere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CAPrint integrates the digital printing world of HAPA, the visual inspection technology of IMDvista and their own experience in CAPrint. A single solution offers the clients unparalleled high-resolution printing when the benefits of the digital world are introduced.

CAPrint was founded in 2020 as a scission of the IMD AG printing unit and became a its own completely independent commercial and juridical entity.

CAPrint en España por GVLogic